Friday, November 14, 2008

Red Bull Friday

I got a head start on my Red Bull Friday list. I got the cleaning bug last night after work. This weekend I am focusing on the Kitchen.
1) The floors were nasty. I have white tile and it shows messes like you wouldn't believe. Plus I have really slacked off on cleaning the kitchen. I mopped. Then I put the mop away and pulled out my cleaning toothbrush and scrubber thing to get what the mop missed. And I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. I got all the junk off the tile from under the cabinets. I got all the grease from under and in front of the stove. I got the yuck from just under and in front of the fridge.
2) My fridge is supposed to be a bright white. It was brown and sticky from about halfway down. So I got out the baby wipes and scrubbed the fridge doors. It is bright white again.

This weekend's list:
1) Paint the walls. They need a fresh coat of paint. When we first painted (4 years ago) we went with cheap, low quality paint. You can totally tell. I scrub the walls and the only thing that comes off is the paint.
2) A backsplash behind the stove. I am seeing a nice copper color, easy to clean.
3) Storage. When we ripped out the old kitchen we left a good sized wall up. Right now I have a bookcase sitting against it that holds my baking stuff and spices. I want to turn the bookcase so that it sticks out into the kitchen and put another bookcase flush with the hall. It would leave a space of about a foot and a half between the 2 bookcases. I plan to put my mop and broom in the space.
4) Caulk the windows. A whole lot of cold air comes in the kitchen right now. We have newish windows (well, 4 years old) but there are teeny gaps between the window frame and the sheet rock.
5) Grocery shop. The best time for me to go grocery shopping is on Saturday morning. I can hit up Safeway and Basha's (and sometimes Wal-mart) without having to stand in line or take both the kids. I usually take one or the other but I almost can't handle both of them. So my lists are made, my coupons are pulled, I am ready to go!
6) Take before and after pictures. And post them.

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