Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New House

So Hubbs and I went to look at the house.

It was beautiful. It was huge. It was overpriced.

Hubbs misunderstood Jimmy. They are asking $165,000.

Ouch. Sorry, we can't afford that. Especially since there are things we would have to do to it.

The attic needs new insulation blown into it and the kitchen cabinets need to be replaced.

I went to see another house today at lunch that was closer to our price range.

It was a wreck. The entire house would have to be gutted. Floors, roof, walls, ceiling, plumbing, electrical, everything would have to be replaced.

It was on the market for $54,900 and would need another $50 to 75k to get it in good shape if we did most of the work ourselves. Even more $$ if we were to have the work contracted out.

Sooooo, we aren't going with that house either.

I think what I am going to have to do is get my trailer under control and be happy with what I have for the next year.

Hubbs took a voluntary lay off for the next 30 days before he goes off chasing work again Since he is going to be home with nothing better to do, I am putting him to work. There are a few things that need to be done that I can't do myself. He is going to be a busy dude for the next 30 days.

The look on his face when he gets his "honey-do" list is going to be priceless.

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