Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on Last Week's Red Bull Friday

1) Paint the walls. --Didn't happen. Hubbs looked at me like I had 3 heads when I brought it up.

2) A backsplash behind the stove. --Didn't happen either. Hubbs wants to (say it with me in a whiny voice) "save money now".

3) Storage. --I didn't get this done either. I was VERY lazy.

4) Caulk the windows. --This didn't get done either. Hubbs was lazy too.

5) Grocery shop. --I did get this done. Yay. 1 out of 6.
**Bashas-Before Coupons=$122.99~~After Coupons=$81.70~~Saved $55.29
**Safeway-Before Coupons=$141.21~~After Coupons=$94.05~~Saved 47.16

6) Pictures. --I did take before pictures (before Hubbs lost the camera) but I don't want to post them unless I have something to post as after pictures.

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