Friday, November 7, 2008

Red Bull Friday

Hooray for Fridays!

My boss is taking a mental health day so I have a ton of time to screw around on the Internet this afternoon.

Big plans for this weekend. It has started to get really cold and the temperature drop has put me in the Christmas spirit. I have a TON of stuff to do before the holidays.

So this weekend's Red Bull Friday to-do list:
1) Clean-
LoL This is always on my list of things to do.
Hubbs hinted that if we are out of debt in a year he will be ready to buy a house.
**claps** I am so excited about this.
I CAN be out of debt in a year, plus have a decent down payment saved up. I think. Well, if his job keeps going the way it has been going that is.
Soooo, I need to start going through all of our crap we have crammed everywhere and decide what I am willing to drag to the new house and what I am throwing away.

2) Bake-
We decided to go out for dinner last night so I didn't get to bake/cook anything.
Starting tonight the oven will be occupied for my "trial run".
I am a horrible cook so I need the trial run just in case. My first attempts usually turn out burnt, or with missing ingredients or just taste like ass. This way, if anything does go wrong I have time to tweak it or find a new plan.
Sorry kids, its cold cereal and fast food this weekend.
(Just kidding....or am I?)

3) Grocery-
I have decided that I don't hate shopping as much as I thought I did. I still hate clothes shopping (yeah, I know I'm not a normal chick) but grocery shopping has been so much fun lately. Its like a game to try and beat my % saved from my last receipt.

4) Christmas Gifts-
The Christmas presents are bought (for the most part) and sitting in my pantry. I just need to wrap and label them. And I need to start putting together the hand made stuff.

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