Monday, November 10, 2008

Red Bull Friday Update

I got more accomplished this weekend than I expected to get done.


But it is making me feel a little manic. Oh well. It will pass I'm sure.

I will get to what I accomplished in a minute. First I have to share something. Hubbs and I are going to look at a new house tonight. I am a little scared to own a real house. I was looking forward to having the whole next year to ease myself into this whole idea.

About the house and neighborhood:
The house is 3 bedrooms, 2 bath and on a supersized lot. Its like a lot and 3/4. The house was gutted and completely remodeled. New Berber carpet, updated appliances, everything is new except the bath tub. FIL lives across the street and around the corner. It is half a block from an elementary school, 4 or so blocks to the Jr. High and 5 or 6 blocks from the High School. I am pretty sure Hubbs said that the seller is asking $100k.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that 1)I like the house and 2) we are able to get a loan or convince the owner to carry the papers for us.

Now on to all the stuff I got accomplished:
1) I got LOTS of cleaning done. The laundry even got put away.

2) I made Christmas Crack, Hot Cocoa Mix, and Sugar Cookies. Everything turned out delicious. I brought a Tupperware bowl full of Christmas Crack into the shop today and everybody said that it was awesome!

3) I went grocery shopping. Took Bobblehead with me because Monk Man wouldn't get up from his nap with Hubbs.

4) I wrapped 15 presents. That's about half of what I needed to get wrapped but there are still a few more weekends.

AND, I started a new blog. I need to get all of our shit organized, even more so that there is the slim chance we are getting a house. I need to get our finances under control and I really just want to get my shit together. So I made an all new blog for organization and control. I will post the address as soon as I have an entry up. I am kinda slacking on it already. Whoops

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