Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on Mixing it Up and Red Bull Friday

My freezer was delivered this morning. Yay. Its still empty since I grocery on Saturday mornings. Plus I still have to figure out what I am going to keep in the fridge freezer and what I am going to put in the chest freezer.

I left work at around 3 yesterday. I went straight home to get started on the crazy mess. First, I cleaned out the used-to-be-play room. Hubbs took apart Monk Man's bed and took it out of the room sometime yesterday morning so I had a lot of room to clean in. I started on the toys first. And oh my hell were there toys. I dumped them all out on the floor into a pile and set out boxes. 1 box for stuffed animals and 3 for the others. I filled those all up, took 2 bags of broken and Crappy Meal toys out to the trash, AND I took a bag of baby toys to my moms for Ollie.

It only took about an hour and a half to completely empty the used-to-be-play room. Well, the clothes are still in it but I will get to those this weekend.

My living room was packed with boxes of crap. Sorry, no pictures. I was going to take them but Hubbs cleaned off the computer desk and lost my camera.

Then FedEx showed up with Hubb's computer. A day early. I was in the middle of running the vacuum and the driver was lucky my dogs think they are tough otherwise I wouldn't have even noticed.

Hubbs was at Wal-mart getting storage boxes for this weekend's divide and conquer.

When he got home and saw the boxes, all hopes of getting any real work out of him were gone. And so were my hopes of getting all of this done uninterrupted.

But he did manage to help in between trying to get it set up and all the programs loaded.

After the used-to-be-playroom was empty and clean, I moved on to the used-to-be-pantry. I had to put on my MP3 player so I couldn't claim not to hear Hubbs yelling, "Honey! Come here! Where does this plug in?" and "Honey! Come here! Look at this!".

I unloaded the food into laundry baskets and in piles on the floor so Hubbs could move the book cases into the now-a-pantry. Then all the laundry baskets got pushed into the now-a-pantry and emptied. Eventually all the food and stuff was in the now-a-pantry and put back.

By then it was time to pick up the boys. It was an interesting rest of the night. Bobblehead and Monk Man wanted to help. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the attempt, but at 3 and 1, they didn't really help until it came time to put their crap in the empty now-a-play room.

I think I made myself quit around 10, 10:30. But it was around midnight when I finally fell asleep. I think.

Tonight, I still have to go through my artsy-fartsy-craft stuff and put it all away in the now-a-pantry. And move all the clothes from the now-a-pantry into the now-a-playroom.

So that's whats in store for this week's edition of Red Bull Friday.

Clothes. Moving them. Washing them. Putting them away. Maybe. We did rent a bunch of movies on Wednesday.......

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