Monday, August 24, 2009

Burts Bees Acne BzzAgent Campaign

Whoohoo! I got in on another campaign from BzzAgent.

Sunday, when we got home from camping, the Bzz Box was in the mailbox. There were 2 full sized bottles for me and a bunch of samples to pass around.

Instead of just giving a review of the product, like I normally do, I decided to keep a journal on how my skin reacts to the Burts Bees cleansers.

I have never used Burts Bees stuff, not even the chapstick, so I am really interested in how well it works.

My skin is crazy. Sometimes, things that I have used for years will give me a bad reaction and I will break out. I switch to a different soap and after a few days I am able to go back to using the stuff I am used to.

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