Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Rest of the Trip

The rest of the trip was pretty boring.

We came back into town Saturday morning to pick up the rest of our stuff. I made the mistake of sending Hubbs to buy food and a couple of camp chairs while I loaded up the truck and the car again. He came home with a TON of extra stuff (including a new $45 ice chest and a $75 table to set the camp stove on) but we ended up using it all and could have used more.

We went for a drive down the canyon when we got back to camp because it was hot as hell. Hubbs put Monk Man on his lap and let him steer the truck. That was a little nerve wracking. So was when Hubbs let both the boys ride in the back of the truck with the dogs. Don't anyone worry, we were on a dirt road and never drove faster than 15 mph.

When we got back to camp, Hubbs managed to start a fire by himself and I got to cook hot dogs. Now I usually don't eat hot dogs. The only way I can manage to eat them is if they are burnt on the grill or in a fire. I don't eat them boiled or even pan fried. Barf. The kids got normal unburned hot dogs, Hubbs got some kind of fancy steak wrapped in bacon and I got my burned up hot dogs.

The boys got Smores for desert and they weren't as big of a hit as I expected. Well, Monk Man liked them but Bobblehead couldn't figure out how to eat them and got pissed off because he couldn't separate the chocolate from the marshmallow. Oh well. Maybe next time.

After dinner Bobblehead and I were left to clean up (he is such a good helper) while Hubbs and Monk Man went for a walk. The dogs hung around by the fire for a while but eventually took off down the trail to investigate a little.

After the sun went down, the kids started begging to go to bed. They were exhausted! They didn't mess around getting their pajamas on and Monk Man (my sleep fighter) even yelled at Bobblehead (loves to sleep) to let him go to sleep. The dogs even laid down in front of the tent door and didn't move for hours. Hubbs put wayyy too much wood in the fire and couldn't keep from putting in more wood so we sat up and drank. By the time the fire finally burned out, I was DRUNK. I know I went to bed, I just don't remember doing it. LoL That doesn't happen very often.

Ooooh and I felt it in the morning. Cowboy coffee just won't cut it when a hangover is involved. I couldn't wait to get home. I was going to start a pot of real coffee, put the boys in the bath, sit in front of the nice cool swamper and relax. Then maybe take a nap. Nope! Didn't happen that way. Hubbs' dad showed up at the camp site about an hour after we got up so we ended up not getting home until about 3. By then it was too late to take a nap so I just drank a Red Bull and chased it with a pot of coffee.

All of our camping shit is still sitting in my living room. I have no initiative to unpack it, just to re-pack it all up again in another few weekends to go again. So there it sits until I get sick of looking at it or the kids empty it and scatter it all over the house again.

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