Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What A Day

Oh man, it has been one hell of a day. This is just a small portion of the shit that has made up my day.

~~First, my mom called me at work at 9:30 this morning to ask if I could bring her an Icee.

Sure mom, let me down to the gas station right this minute. It will be so super awesome trying to explain to the bosses what I was thinking.

She has been a housewife for forever and cant seem to wrap her head around working and the responsibilities that go with it. It is her dream for me to be a stay at home mom again. I couldn't handle it the first time with only 1 kid. I was too lazy and spent too much money.

To be honest, I think it would be awesome to be able to not have to work but as long as we are still living in this town, that won't ever happen. Hubbs and I do have a deal though. If we end up having to move out of town, I have already told him that I refuse to get a job. There really wouldn't be any alternative. I can't leave the boys with someone I don't know in a town that I don't know. Just can't do it. So the only other option is to be a stay at home mom.

~~After I got my mom handled, I got to deal with Hubbs. He is packing (his stuff, no one else) for our Colorado trip in the morning. Lets face it. Men are helpless. I have gotten text after text of "Where is my blue dress shirt" and "I can't find my dress shoes" and "What did you do with my khaki shorts with the belt", all damn day.

Uhhhh, I don't know where any of your crap is. I don't use any of it. I am lucky to keep track of my own and the kids' shit. If it was that important, you would know where it was.

~~I had a not so nice surprise when I checked our online banking stuff. Hubbs got the not so nice text of "WTF is this withdrawal of $400 from the savings?" Apparently, FIL is going to Alaska this morning and needed some money. WTF is right. FIL has known about his trip for MONTHS! I don't get it. What is so hard about setting aside $100 a month, especially when you make $100k a year being retired? Plus, how do you afford a trip to Alaska and have to BORROW money to eat on.

I probably wouldn't be so pissed about it if Hubbs had been working at his real job, at any time, in the past 9 or so months. I probably wouldn't be so pissed if I wasn't working my ass off at my job and then having to come home and work my ass off there too. Utter bullshit.

Hubbs is in for a surprise when I make him sit down and we have a "Come To Jesus" talk tonight about being a grown up. I am going to start introducing him as My First Husband to make my point crystal clear.

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