Friday, August 7, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

We were driving to daycare the other morning and listening to the radio. We had regular, boring, local radio since Hubbs had to make an emergency trip in the HHR to Colorado on Tuesday. More on that later.

Anyway, the HHR is where the XM/Sirius (aka good) radio is. So we were listening to the local pop station and all of a sudden, Monk Man leans forward and shuts it off.

Me: Dude, how come you turned it off?
Monk Man: Momma, dis music sucks!
Me: Your dad is going to have a heart attack if he hears you say that. He wants you to like the music he likes.
Monk Man: But I don't wike it. It is horribubble. Yours is better.
Me: Shhhh. Just don't tell your daddy that. It will hurt his feelings. Here, I will turn it to Classic Rock and it will be fine.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Hubbs is a fan of pop and country music and I like metal/hard rock. Pop music (with a few exceptions) has the same effect on me as Kid Rock does, just pisses me off and I won't even get started on country. (No offence to anyone who does like that stuff) And Hubbs would rather listen to the kids screaming than sit through one Nine Inch Nails or Aerosmith or Queens of the Stone Age or pretty much any song even resembling something I would like.

But to have the kids on MY side of the music battle, that is the biggest victory I could ever have. That is 100% win. Yay!

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