Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things That Suck

Today's post is about things that have sucked for me in the last few days.

1. Swine Flu Sucks
A customer came in Monday morning with her teenage daughter. We got a call Tuesday afternoon, right before we closed, that that teenage daughter got a positive on her Swine flu test. Gee. Thanks. At least she did manage to call and let us know that she exposed us, so that was nice, right?

2. Pink Eye Sucks
Yes, I think I am getting pink eye. Again. Yay. It feels like I have dirt up under my eyelid but I have flushed it out over and over. And it is already starting to swell up. The pink eye ointment that I have makes me see all blurry so once I put it in, I am useless. Can't drive, can't watch t.v., can't play on the internet.

3. Camping and My Period Sucks
We went camping last weekend and guess who showed up? Thankfully I brought supplies, just in case, even though Hubbs laughed and teased me about it. I managed to have a good time, even with my bathroom being a shrub. And it saved me from having to put out.

What the hell else can go wrong? Nevermind. Scratch that. My karma has been pretty bad so I won't even tempt it.

It is finally closing time, and that does not suck. Off to the gas station to buy beer for the lazy ass Hubbs.

I may have another post tomorrow, if I can see well enough to get to work. :)


That Girl said...

oh geez! hope you have a better day today.

KimboSue said...

EEEK all of that does suck.

Tell that lazy SOB to get his own damn beer.