Monday, September 14, 2009

I Hope This Works

I found out last week that my MIL is going to drive down from Colorado to spend Bobblehead's birthday with us so I need to take my vacation time the 2nd week of October to keep her company. AND she is staying with us instead of the hotel she promised us she would stay at the last time she mentioned the visit.

Nice to find out on short notice. At least it isn't going to be a surprise visit this time.

Well, since I am going to be out of my mind because I have so much deep cleaning to do since she is staying with us I am not going to have time to plan Bobblehead's birthday party.

So she can plan it. And if my mom wants to pout about it, she can plan a separate party. And if FIL and Step-MIL want to act the same, they can plan a separate party too. Screw it. I am not dealing with the bitching this year.

No one can even seem to fake getting along with each other. They couldn't even be in the hospital together after Bobblehead was born. Their visits had to be almost scheduled so they wouldn't accidentally run into each other.

My plan will probably backfire on me somehow but I refuse to be stuck in the middle of all the bitching and dirty looks and talking behind backs.

I just want to sit back, chase kids around, get drunk and enjoy a party for a change.

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