Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Monday and Tuesday were hell. All 4 of us caught some kind of stomach bug and it was horrible.

Barfing, pooping, achy body, fever, chills, dizziness, and all that other nasty stuff that comes with a stomach bug.

Did I mention that we all share 1 bathroom?

By Monday night I was ready to check into a hotel, just so that I could spew without worrying about whether or not someone else would need it before I was done.

My little brother (the phlebotomist at the local hospital) said he wanted me to get us all tested for Swine Flu because we had the symptoms. He must have forgotten that our insurance went bye bye months ago and we are broke as hell. His job has made him a little paranoid. Thanks for the concern little bro but we will just ride it out (whatever "it" is) with lots of fluids, rest and vitamins.

We were fine Saturday and Sunday. We went to bed early on Friday so we could get an early start out to the picnic and get our camp set up.

Yeah, we ended up camping out there Saturday night. Hubbs never gives me all the information when he wants me to make a decision. And I guess I don't think to ask for more.

Anyway, the kids had fun playing with the 9 other kids that showed up. Sad. There are 200+ Elks Club members in town and out of those 200+, maybe 30 members don't have kids or grandkids. But I really can't blame them for not wanting to show up. There wasn't anything planned for them to do!

Not a damn thing except for a 10 foot high dirt pile with money hidden in it. I am not sure what happened this year. There was supposed to be a HUGE breakfast on Sunday morning, games all weekend and night time activities for the ones who got to stay up late on Saturday night.

The boys were so disappointed! We actually were headed out of the campground by noon on Sunday. We left our tent up and most of our stuff there since the Chili Cookoff starts Friday night. Not to worry, it is all safe. A few people we know were staying all week and would keep an eye on things.

We all laid down for a nap when we got home on Sunday because Hubbs and I stayed up way too late drinking after the kids all went to bed. When we got up, I felt kind of crappy but I just thought it was my hangover so I didn't think too much of it.

Bobblehead went to bed around 8, Monk Man and I went around 10 and Hubbs went around 2. Just like normal. When I woke up Monday morning, I felt okay until Monk Man walked down the hall crying that he had gotten sick in his blankets. I messaged my boss on Facebook (because we live on FarmTown) that I was staying home to take care of the sick Monk Man. As soon as Hubbs and Bobblehead got up I started feeling sick. And that was the end of me.

But we all seem to be doing okay today. My stomach is still a little angry but I felt good enough to get everybody off to daycare and myself off to work. I am keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow isn't a repeat of Monday.


KimboSue said...

EEK! That sounds disgusting X 4! Hope all is well today.

Samantha said...

Things are awesome today! Thanks for hoping (no spell check in comments? LoL) for me. :)