Saturday, May 31, 2008

Damn Computer

Monk man has gotten a virus on the computer.

This monster child is only 3 and is already doing stuff on the computer that I didn't figure out until I was maybe 15 or 16. He really likes to download games and it looks like he downloaded something he shouldn't have.

So I get to wipe out the computer and re-install everything again. So if you don't see any new posts for a couple of days, that is what I am doing.

Right now I am just waiting on Photobucket and Youtube to finish loading all the pictures and videos.

Yeah, I have been slacking on uploading everything lately. At least it isn't as bad as last time.

The last time I had to wipe out the computer, I lost a year and a half of pictures because I didn't know about Photobucket. Thankfully I had uploaded all of them to Shutterfly and was able to salvage most of the pictures from there. I cried for days about losing all those pictures.

From what Hubbs has told me, this virus has erased all his mods for World Of Warcraft. Whatever the hell mods are. I don't even bother to ask about WOW stuff anymore. Plus stuff has been running really slow and the computer as a whole has been acting funny for about a month.

Does anyone know how I can keep Monk Man from being able to download? I am pretty clueless about most of this computer stuff. I usually just fake my way through it. Is there a way (On XP) to maybe have all downloads password protected? Any suggestions?

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