Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting it all out there in the open

Ok, I am ready to confess the amount of my crazy debt as of the latest statements I have gotten. Ready? You might want to sit down for this.

Credit Cards:
GM Card
Balance $2841.69
Minimum Payment $102.00
Paid Down From $3000.00

Bank of America
Balance $8506.07
Minimum Payment $140.00
Paid Down From $10,000.00

Capital One
Balance $716.37
Minimum Payment $48.20
Paid Down From $800.00

Chrysler (Collection Account)
Balance $4319.01
Minimum Payment $130.00
Paid Down From $10,500.00

Orchard Bank
Balance $310.08
Minimum Payment--We are paying this one off this month
Paid Down From $500.00

Other Credit Accounts:
Furniture Store
Balance $2528.00

Wells Fargo-Car Loan
Balance $14,773.63

Loan from Family #1
Balance $2000.00ish?

Loan from Family #2
Balance $7000.00

Paid Off Accounts:
Sears Card #1
Paid Off $300.00

Sears Card #2
Paid Off $900.00

Paid Off $800.00?
(I don't remember the exact amount and cant find any statements)

Wow. That is much more than I expected. I guess until it is all written down, or in this case typed out, it is easy to be in denial about how deeply we are in debt.

Hubbs is still laid off but I am still planning on having all the credit cards paid off by February of 2009.

Thinking about it realistically, things most likely wont happen THAT soon but if I don't have a set date, nothing will get paid off.

I would probably put it off for 15 years, until Monk Man graduates from High School and then I will be in a straight jacket because I had gone ape shit from the stress because he "might" want me and Hubbs to pay for college.

Whoah. That was quite the tangent I just tripped over.

I never said I didn't have issues to work through.

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