Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Mother Nature.....

Ummm, hi. It is snowing?! This has got to be a joke. Just wanted to remind you that we live in ARIZONA and the month is MAY. If you could make the snow stop, I would appreciate it. You can make it rain every damn day if you want. I don't mind the rain. Just make the snow stop.

You know, Arizona drivers are not used to snow. I have to drive my kiddos to Nonnie's house and the other drivers are bad enough in sunny, warm weather. Driving in snow makes me nervous. The last time it snowed, CC and BB called the house and told me not to come into work. There is, at the most, 10 blocks between my place and the shop. That's how crazy neurotic the snow makes me.

Plus, I planted a ton of plants the last couple of weekends. The snow and the freezing temperatures are not good for them.

Patiently waiting for the snow to stop falling,
Mommy Crisp


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