Friday, May 16, 2008

Paid off another one!

I have been holding my Economic Stimulus money so I can pay some more towards my unreal amount of credit card debt.

I finally got the Orchard Bank statement today. I paid it off completely. This is the 2nd card we have paid off in 3 months.

Next card? Capital One. Maxed out at $800. I need to talk to Hubbs because I think we should pay this off completely too, since we have the money to do it now. But I really sleep better at night having that extra cushion in the checking account. I also REALLY want to do some MAJOR food shopping. I am totally getting into this stockpiling thing. IDK which would be to do.

I guess I need to corner Hubbs and give him no way out of the conversation and make him decide.

It doesn't look like we will make it out from under our credit card debt by next February (stupid economy and stupid railroad) but we will be VERY close.

I cant tell you how good it makes me feel to see that we are finally getting somewhere with this debt nightmare. I felt so hopeless for years and couldn't figure out how to fix it.


Martina said...

isn't tackling debt like the new high? it's great!

-Bridget said...

Hooray for removing debt! I totally understand how crippling that can be. I am embarrased to admit it but at one point DH and I were $120k in debt, not even including our mortgage. Now we just have $20k left on one car and our mortgage. I can't believe how quickly it all added up and how slowly it all went away. Good for you guys for getting it under control!

Samantha said...

Oh it feels so good to get it paid off. It feels so good that I have to restrain myself from paying things off too quickly and not having enough $$ left for other bills.

Bridget, that is a HUGE amount of debt you have gotten rid of. Did you do it Dave Ramsey style? I wish that I had found out about him YEARS ago!