Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perverts Beware

So you all know I use a traffic counter right? I think I have mentioned it before.

If I didn't say it before, I use a traffic counter. On both blogs.

It shows me all kinds of neat stuff about my blog traffic. I get to see which pages are the most popular, where a visitor came from, how many times a visitor has been to my blog and even a visitor's country, city, state and IP address and how long the visitor stayed at my blog. I don't check it often, maybe a few times a week.
Well, I was looking at my traffic counter stats this morning for my other blog and noticed an unusual navigation pattern.

This visitor found my blog through a Google search for "Older Boys In Diapers". (This is the point I stop calling this "visitor" a visitor and start calling him/her a pervert.)

So this pervert is in Germany and sat on my blog for a little over 2 hours.

Ok, unless you are family, that blog really isn't THAT interesting. It is just current news on the kids. But I do have my Photobucket Album links posted which makes me a little nervous (ok, to be honest, homicidal and grossed out).

So now I am really pissed off. The Photobucket links are coming down today.

Having been through some pretty tough things in my childhood, my mind automatically thinks perverts and child molesters. I did consider that it might have been just a normal visitor and not some twatwaffle getting their rocks off. I did consider it, I promise.

But then I clicked on the link that my traffic counter provided for "Older Boys In Diapers". I really don't recommend googling it. I would rather claw my own eyes out and then pour salt in the sockets than see that kind of shit again. Disturbing. I guess there is quite the fetish audience for "Drinkers and Stinkers". It WAS the topic of a CSI episode after all.

So..........Dear Pervert In Germany,
You are lucky you don't live anywhere near me. I am not a momma to mess with. Really. If you are really THAT desperate for some action, please go to a bar or pick up a hooker. At the very least, go to an actual Porn website and look at snatch. Don't Google about kids in diapers. That is just gross. Have some self respect and drop the pedophile fetishes. It really isn't cool and you have really pissed me off.
K Thanks Bye


-Bridget said...

Wow, that's terrible! I'm sorry to hear that.

Samantha said...


I think I am over it finally. I just had to be bitchy about it for a minute. :)

The only thing still bothering me is that I had to make the pictures private, but I guess I should have done that at the begining. Live and learn.