Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Political Stuff

~~Do you know who you are voting for?~~

I know who I am voting for. I have known for months. But I'm not telling, and I would prefer it if you didn't tell me either. Not being rude, I just don't NEED to know. It wouldn't change the way I thought of you even if I did know.

~~Guess how I picked my party.~~

By animal. See, I was in 3rd grade when we were told to choose our political party. At that age I didn't understand what the different parties represented. I still really don't understand it all. I liked elephants more than I liked donkeys. So thats how I ended up a Republican.

My grandma Vi almost has a heart attack every time someone reminds her about me as a Republican. The rest of my family are hard core Democrats. She tries to shame me into changing parties. I think it is funny so I stay what I am.

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