Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On Saturday, the boys and I are driving to Colorado to pick up MIL and possibly stepFIL. From their house, we are going to see Hubbs in Iowa. We wont be back home until the next Saturday, maybe even Sunday.

No shit? No shit.

I am excited but kinda not. I really miss Hubbs and want to see him but Iowa is so far away. We are driving the whole way.

Why not fly? Because I don't trust my kids. Especially in such a huge place with so many people around to irritate. Plus I am a chicken and am scared to fly.

I can't wait to actually get there. It will be 8 or 9 days that I can pawn the boys off on their grandparents, whenever I feel like it. I can actually go out to dinner with Hubbs without worrying whether or not I will get too drunk to find my Mommy Hat when the kids need me.

I think one night I will leave the boys with MIL and check out a strip club. **ducks** I have never been to one and am curious. Ssshhhhh, don't tell my mom.

BUT......I am going to miss my computer. I am on a roll with my book, as long as the boys are sleeping or not making an assload of noise.

I am going to miss my dogs. Even as stupid as they are.

I am going to miss work. Yeah, I am going to miss it a lot. Tomorrow I will try to remember to post about why I love my work.


M said...

WoooHooo I say!!

But are you on crack? No flying??

I'll take a couple hours of chaos over multiple hours in the car with my kids any day. Hell, I want to beat them when we drive 30 minutes.

Nomers said...

Have a great trip!

Joyce said...

YAY! For grandparents. I totally get the no flying thing. It can be wonderful or it can be a disaster. Have fun!