Monday, June 29, 2009

Bobblehead's First Day of Daycare

I had to take Bobblehead to his first day of daycare today.

My mom usually watches him while I work, but everybody over there has been sick all weekend. My mom called me in a panic last night about not being able to watch him. Hubbs suggested that I call Monk Man's daycare to see if she could take him, just for one day.

She said of course she would take him.

Monk Man was SO excited that Bobblehead was going to daycare with him. He has been begging for months for his brother to go with him.

Drop off had never went so smoothly. Bobblehead acted a little shy and kinda scared. He hid behind me until Monk Man took his hand and lead him into the back room with all the toys and stuff. I yelled bye and left before he could figure out what was going on.

On Monk Man's first day of daycare, I was a hot mess. I think I cried all day. With Bobblehead, eh, not upset at all. I am actually a little relieved for him not to be at my moms for a change. Maybe he will turn out a little more normal than I am.

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