Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BzzAgent Game Wave Campaign

Well, I finally got a working machine! Yay!

UPS dropped it off the other night and when I saw the box I was doubtful that this one would work. The box was dented, squashed and in worse condition that the first one.

I unboxed it and got it all set up, and it WORKED! Monk Man was so excited to see the opening screen show up on the TV. We popped some pop corn and started playing the games.

It was great to be able to use the remotes from the first box with the 2nd machine since the batteries had been put in all of them the week before while I was on the phone with the customer service man.

The games took a while to load but it was worth the wait because they were fun. We started with the trivia game. Some of those questions were HARD. Hubbs helped Monk Man with the answers because he is only 4 and the questions were way over his head. But he pushed the number and letter buttons himself.

After playing a couple of trivia rounds, we moved on to the other discs. Stevie's favorite game was the Wheel of Fortune type game where you pick the letters to form a phrase. My favorite was the Jewel type game where you switch the different jewels to make a row of 3+.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Game Wave. The games were engaging. It was easy to set up. The customer service was amazing. Plus it is a pretty good learning tool.

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