Monday, June 29, 2009

Problem Customers

Is it just me or does the auto industry attract the weirdos?

I feel like if there is a nutjob, mentally unstable or flat out asshole within 200 miles, they will come to this shop. I have to deal with jerks every single day, either in person or on the phone.

I have had to deal with enough today to make me want to not show up tomorrow. It has been BAD. As if Mondays aren't hard enough. At least we get to make fun of them after they leave.

This just happened---
Dude (shirtless with his at least 60 year old man boobs swinging around): You all worked on my car about a year ago.
Me (trying not to LoL at the naked man boobs): Mmmkkay. So what can I help you with?
Dude: Well I had the spare key tied up under my bumper and it isn't there anymore.
I look up his repair from a year ago.
Me: Well, it looks like we replaced that bumper, so your key is long gone by now.
Dude: Well where the hell would it have gone!
Me: It more than likely got sent to the trash, along with the bumper it was tied to. Because my techs didn't turn one in. It would be right here in this empty drawer.
Dude: What do you mean it got thrown away! It is a $70 key!
Me: But we took off that bumper and replaced it with another bumper, like YOU asked us to do. We had no way of knowing you hid your spare key somewhere in it.
Dude: Is there a MAN somewhere around here I can talk to?
Me: Sure there is. He isn't going to tell you anything different than I just did.
Over walks Jack.
Jack: We don't have your key that you hid in your bumper from a year ago.
Dude: You mean that they didn't take the key and hang it up somewhere?
Jack: No. We didn't hang up the key that we didn't even know was in there.
Dude: But it was a $70 key!
Jack: Aaannnddd?
Dude: Pfffhhhhtttt. Sugar, you better put something in that doomahickey about this.
Me: My name is not Sugar. And by Doomahicky, you mean what exactly?
Jack: You mean the ESTIMATE file?
Dude: Yeah, that.
Me: ...........whatever you say.

First, don't dismiss what I am saying just because I am a chick. Bad idea. Believe it or not, I DO sometimes know what I am talking about.

Totally different, semi-related story to the one above--
I promise that just because you call it a "Back Windowshield", I know for sure that it is really called "Rear Glass" or even a "Hatch Glass". And there is absolutely NO way that I am supposed to know that you really mean your "Driver's Window". Do NOT get shitty with me when it is completely the wrong piece of glass because YOU gave me the wrong information. Take it somewhere else if you want a mind reader. Or someone who is still nice to you after all that.

And while I am on the subject....yes, we do need ALL that information about you. Like your name, address, phone number, insurance company and if we are lucky a claim number and a claim representative phone number. How are we supposed to know who the hell you are and how the hell we are supposed to get paid? Don't give me attitude when I ask you these questions.

I think that is enough ranting about stupid people for today. There might be more tomorrow though.

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Morgan said...

ha! It's funny reading about life on the other side of auto repair.

First of all- why would a key cost $70?!? I thought they were like just a few bucks to get copied?

Also, why would he think you guys would still have it after a year? That's a long time to hold onto someone's key if you had!