Monday, June 1, 2009

BzzAgent Bic Soeil Bella Razor Campaign

Here is my review of the Bic Soeil Bella Razors:

I have tried 1 of the 3 razors so far.

The 4 blades seem to make a difference. The extra blade catches more hairs and it cut my shaving time down enough to notice. Normally it takes me a good half an hour to shave my legs and with the Soeil Bella it took maybe 20 minutes.

With the regular 3 blade razors I have to shave every 3-4 days but after using the Soeil Bella, I am going on 6 days and the stubble is just barely starting to grow in.

Plus the colors are so pretty!

The only thing I am disappointed in is the price. I looked at them while I was shopping this weekend at Safeway and noticed the price of a SINGLE razor was $13.xx.

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