Monday, June 1, 2009

BzzAgent Neutrogena Sunblock

Anybody want a review?

I love it!

Monk Man tans very easily but Bobblehead has skin like mine, very easy to burn.

I used it on all 3 of us before we went out to work in the garden for a few hours. It worked great.

The kids went inside after about an hour and didn't get burned at all. I reapplied it and spent another 2 hours outside.

I ended up with tiger stripes on my back and shoulders from where I missed areas with the sunblock. But where I didn't miss with the sunblock was great, no sunburn.

It even worked great on my face, which is super sensitive to just about everything. Other sunblocks are so greasy that I end up getting huge pimples the day after using but the Neutrogena left my skin blemish free.

I will definitely be buying more of this when my current bottle is used up.

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