Monday, June 29, 2009

Uh oh

Shit. I just remembered that Hubbs' birthday is in 14 days and I haven't gotten him anything. Ooohhhhh, bad wife.

He is SO hard to buy for. I have already maxed out the summertime type gifts like BBQ sets and games like croquet and boccie ball. He REALLY likes beer so one year I got him some home-brewing books but those didn't go over so well. I am at a loss.

So help me out? He likes golf, the Yankees, WoW, cooking, Jeff Gordon, the lawn, beer, chick flicks, and stupid jokes. Yes, he is borderline hillbilly. No, we have nothing in common.

What do I get him? I need 3 gifts. One from me and 2 from the boys.
On a more positive note, I bought the first Christmas present this morning! had a smoking deal on Guitar Hero World Tour Kit thing for the PS3. Complete with the drums, 1 guitar, a microphone and the game. It was $100 off regular price and my amazon gift cards made the deal too good to pass up. So Monk Man is getting Guitar Hero World Tour Kit thing for the PS3. If I can keep myself from opening it up early. We bought all the games and the PS2 kit a long time ago but the drums broke, the neighbors borrowed the guitar, the microphone never did work, and all the games are scratched now so it is pretty much useless for the PS2.

I LOVE Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We have wasted many many many hours playing those silly games. I am probably more excited about it than Monk Man will be.

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