Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dominos House Party

I got my House Party Package on Friday afternoon. It was shipped in a Domino's Pizza box which I thought was cute. UPS smashed and crashed the box as usual. The stuff inside was okay though.

They sent a Domino's ball point pen, a Domino's note pad, a free "You Gotta Be Kidding!" card game, and a stack of coupons. The coupons were for 1 Medium Domino's American Pizza Legends Pizza for $10.99 and get a Medium Cheese Pizza for $3.99 with the purchase of a Large Domino's American Legends Pizza, AMC Entertainment free large popcorn when you buy a large Coca-Cola fountain drink, $2.00 off Zoemondo board games and a $75 gift card to Domino's Pizza.

So far, most of my guests have RSVP'd. My mom wants nothing to do with my "internet schemes" and has deleted both of the invitations I have sent her for my sisters. Nice. Well, whatever, we will have fun without her.

I still have sooooo much to do. And only today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning to do it all by.
~I still have to track down some long, yard sale type tables, some folding chairs and a couple of ice chests.
~I still have to buy ice, beer, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins,
~I still have to figure out what dessert I am serving. I am thinking easy....maybe half of a sheet cake. I also need to put together a salad of some sort.
~The yard still has to be cleaned up. Our 2 dogs have guaranteed that I will be on landmine patrol right before the guests show up. We also need to mow and cut down some weeds by the trampoline.
~I still need to buy citronella candles and some decorations.
~I have GOT to find my camera and unload the pictures from it.
~I still need to clean off the patio so we have somewhere shaded to sit and eat.
~I still need to clean the bathroom and mop my floors. The top of the fridge needs to be cleaned off too.
~I still need to clean out my liquor cabinet and decide what I am going to set out for the guests. What goes good with pizza other than beer???
~I still need to decide on what to do about music. We have lots of cd's but my taste in music isn't "party appropriate" and Hubbs only likes country and that won't be playing because I don't want to sit through the party annoyed and semi-depressed. XM Sirius radio pop2k or classic rock are looking pretty good right now.

I have accomplished SOME stuff though.
~I have bags of chips and tons of salsa and dips to serve.
~The house has been picked up, for the most part.
~The flowers are planted so things don't look quite so bare.
~All of my invites have been sent out or called on or hand delivered.
~The pizza has been priced, the sizes have been decided and the order is waiting for me to submit.
~I have soda, juice and water ready for the kids and non-drinkers.
~I have salad dressing.

Who would have thought so much effort would have to go into a crazy pizza party? What am I forgetting?

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