Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday BBQ-Part Two

So we finally make it to the BBQ. There are probably 20-25 people there. We knew who was there without even seeing anyone by their cars in the driveway.

I handled getting the kids and all of their crap out of the car. Hubbs was in charge of unloading the Adult Beverages (or as Mamalicious calls them, Beverlys) and getting those put in one of the 50 ice chests (cool seats on a hot day).

Uncle Lonnie's property is HUGE. His house sits in the middle of the lot, he has a pig pen (and other stuff) at the back of the lot, a rental house towards the front, an enormous deck out back and a few swings hanging in the trees. There was enough space for everyone to be comfortable, even with a small group of kids playing football off to one side.

Monk Man decided that he wanted to play football like the other kids. So off he ran. It wasn't long before someone came tattling to me that he was in the way and wanted to play.

Duh? Of course he wants to play. He is a boy, you all are boys, and there is a ball involved. I had to hold my tongue though. I can't be shitty to a 6 year old. That would just be rude, right? I went over and got Monk Man out of their way and put him on the tire swing. He was pissed and pouting but after a few spins in the swing, he was having fun again.

Hubbs wasn't watching Bobblehead and he ended up wandering through the football game. Here comes the tattler again. Good lord.

Long story short, I got tattled to well into the evening, even when I could reach over and touch my boys, even though I finally said "If there isn't blood, I don't want to hear about it". The other parents were just sitting there, not telling their kids not to tattle.

Finally we sat down to eat. We had pork ribs, poppers, salads, bread, tons of food. I got the boys a plate to share and one of the guys starts in on me.

It involves a lot of cussing, me being called a bitch for telling him that he had no right to tell me anything regarding my kids since his were taken away by CPS because him and his wife were neglecting them. I used to work with him and heard it straight from his mouth so it wasn't like it wasn't true. I will NOT justify what I do to someone who can't even raise their own kids. He got told to leave and things were fine after that.

With the adults at least.

Monk Man wanted to play with the other kids soooo bad but they wouldn't let him. They started running up to him to call him loser and then were pushing him down when he was trying to walk away and back to us. When I saw him raise his fist to defend himself, I rushed in and scooped him up.

It broke my heart that they were picking on my little guy. Granted, he does have a mouth on him, just like I do and I wasn't hovering over him the whole time so I don't know what he might have said to them. It still killed me to see it happen.

I hate to even imagine what goes on at daycare.

Check back tomorrow to read more about the BBQ!


KimboSue said...

Family affairs are always such a blast, aren't they?

Samantha said...

LoL Always! I almost always get in a fight/argument with somebody.