Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday BBQ-Part one

The famdamly went to a BBQ at Uncle Lonnie's house on Sunday afternoon.

I had other plans (gardening) but decided to go anyway.

Going anywhere with my kids is such a production anymore!

There are sippy cups to gather and lids to put on, there are lovies and blankies to load, there are spare undies, diapers and wipes to put in the back pack (once it has been found and emptied from the last outing), there are shoes to find, put on the wrong feet, taken off, lost, then put back on still on the wrong feet.

There are teeth to brush, noses to wipe, diapers to change, toilets to flush, pants to be buttoned, heads to be combed and shirts to be un-tucked from underwear.

There are dogs to be locked up, computers to be powered down, doors and windows to be shut, water hoses to be turned off, car keys to be found(in the ignition), cell phones to be un-plugged, a camera and batteries to be located only to find all the memory cards full.

There are 2 boys to be chased out of the yard, down the driveway, up the driveway, and then wrestled into the car, one boy in a booster seat, the other in a 25-point Nascar certified harness.

There is a car to be loaded, a husband to be coaxed into driving, a Safeway to be stopped at, beer and snacks to be bought, a gas station on the other side of town to be visited, and a gas tank to be filled.

All this for a 6-7 minute drive and an afternoon visit. Multiply that all times 10 for an all day visit, times 100 for an overnight stay, times 1,000 for a weekend, or times 10,000 for a holiday or visit to MIL's out of town.

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